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Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will contribute to society through advanced and reliable manufacturing as an electronic component manufacturer that achieves the high quality, precision, and sustainability demanded by our advanced society.

Ideally, 5G, a fifth-generation mobile communications system and 6G will broaden the potential of the advanced society we live in today.

For example, remote robot operation and remote medical treatment synchronized in real time with human senses, realization of fully automated operation controlled by systems, acceleration of IoT that breathes life into objects. Communication between people serves as a tool that vitalizes infrastructures that bring greater speed to society.
5G uses high-frequency bands such as millimeter waves (30GHz or more) not used for existing mobile phone communication. With its expanded service areas from city centers to the suburbs, 5G is expected to accelerate lifestyle and business changes.

Moreover, with society now turning its eyes to the next generation “Beyond 5G/6G,” engendering visions of sophisticated wireless communication systems that use high-frequency bands such as the terahertz class. As well as this, high-frequency transmission technologies are key technologies that will herald the realization of advanced technologies such as cyber-physical systems, optoelectronic integration and quantum computers, and can be thought of infrastructural technologies that will support an advanced next-generation society.

Thus, high-quality, high-precision high-frequency transmission channels will play a crucial role in the realization of a bright future society filled with hope, and the precision and reliability of electronic components are the key to guaranteeing the quality of communications.

Advanced communications and measurement technologies realized by these components will make it possible to perform high-precision data collection and analysis in real time to enable carbon-neutral measures and action to cope with climate changes problems.

In an endless endeavor to boldly meet challenges with its research development activities prioritizing advanced technologies that will serve the society of the future, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. aims to support the realization of an advanced sustainable society with a bright future filled with hope and promise applying its advanced reliable manufacturing craftsmanship.

Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to the realization of a sophisticated sustainable society by providing high-quality high-precision high-frequency transmission lines. In the field of artificial satellites in which our company has acquired JAXA, we also contribute to responses to climate change problems by monitoring the global environment. In addition, we make contributions to renewable energy business in areas such as carbon neutrality, SDGs, environmental measurement and disaster response.