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Environmental Policy

To contribute to the realization of an affluent, secure and safe society, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. acts with consideration for the preservation of the global environment in all of its business activities.
  1. In the course of our main business activities of manufacturing and sales of goods such as connectors, electronic components and cables used in consumer products and information and communication equipment, we promote the prevention of environmental pollution based on our Environmental Philosophy and implement continuous maintenance of and improvements to its management system to sustain nature, society and our living environment, and have created an implementation system to promote global environmental preservation activities as a management commitment.
  2. All employees of Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and those who work for our company are made fully aware of our Environmental Policy and environmental training and awareness programs are implemented as necessary.
  3. Our Environmental Policy is available for viewing by the public and we endeavour to communicate the state of implementation of all our eco-friendly business activities to our customers, people in our surrounds and other stakeholders.
  4. Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. complies with applicable legal requirements relating to its environmental aspects and other requirements agreed to by our organization.
  5. We conduct internal environmental audits and endeavour to continuously maintain and improve our self-managed Environmental Management System.
  6. Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. identifies and ascertains the state of use of environmentally harmful substances and endeavors to discontinue their use or switch to alternative substances.
  7. We regularly review environmental objectives and goals and make adjustments to our Quality Management System to implement the results of such reviews.