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Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has built a manufacturing system capable of flexibly meeting the requirements of special designs and customization and a sales and engineering system able to rapidly respond to customer needs.


    In-house system capable of rapid response to needs for customized products from design to manufacturing

    Specializing in rapid response to detailed requests from customers and customization of small-lot products, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also offers proposals matched to the background of requests.
    We can submit estimates for small design changes in no more than a few days.


    Customer support by our sales and engineering personnel with their specialized knowledge and know-how

    Our sales and engineering personnel provide excellent support to our customers with extensive track records and know-how in all kinds of specialized fields including high-frequency technologies. We provide technical information on matters such as mounting connectors matched to component usage environments.


    Provision of solutions for photovoltaic power supply selection

    As well as support for the selection of solar charge module models, we go beyond the sale of single products to provide independent power supply systems combining equipment such as solar panels and batteries and can also conduct studies into customization.