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Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. proposes solutions for highly-efficient and safe power supply systems with the focus on solar-charged modules for compact solar lithium-ion batteries.

Solar charged systems manufactured by Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mounted in artificial satellites represent an evolution in user-friendly solar charged modules that realize greater levels of efficiency and safety.
Achieving one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “Affordable and clean energy,” will require the widespread use and increased efficiency of renewable energy from sources such as solar and wind power.
The demand for technologies to achieve these goals not only requires household or large-scale power generation and storage equipment, but also extends to compact independent power supply devices that can be easily used by anyone around the world.
In the belief that downsizing and lightening is the key to the spread of renewable energy, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development and manufacturing of a highly-efficient solar module for lithium-ion batteries.
In addition, with the focus on solar battery modules, we also propose solutions of whole systems combining solar panels and batteries.
These initiatives have resulted in registration of Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with the “Nagano Prefecture SDGs Promotion Company.”