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We take pride in our outstanding manufacturing technology, timely and reliable delivery capabilities and our track record of high quality and reliability.


    Ultraprecision cutting technology and outstanding assembly processing technology

    Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. performs in-house cutting of small diameter contact pins of Φ0.5mm or less in units of microns (μ). The delicate differences in the precision of each processed part are matched and adjusted by our outstanding assembly and processing technology backed by our long-accumulated know-how to produce world-class connectors with excellent high-frequency characteristics.


    Manufacturing system capable of handling high-mix low-volume to mass-production and realizing timely delivery

    Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a flexible and efficient manufacturing system capable of handling high-mix low-volume production and a stable manufacturing system to handle mass-production.
    Our timely delivery capabilities are widely acclaimed by many of our customers.


    High quality and reliability endorsed by JAXA certification

    Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the only JAXA-certified manufacturer in the field of coaxial connectors mounted in artificial satellites.
    In addition, we have an impressive track record in the use of coaxial connectors in measuring instruments, testament to our high-quality standards.