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We refine the strengths and appeal of our products by amassing our know-how as we constantly pursue the advancement of technologies in the field of high frequency.


    Leading the times in the development of high-frequency technologies

    In the coaxial field, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. continues to tackle the challenges of achieving higher frequency and more outstanding high-frequency performance to enable customers to realize high-frequency communications and broadband measurements and optimize equipment and device performance. Moreover, we are also involved in the development of various high-frequency units such as waveguides, flat circuits and antennas, and through application of these, are capability to develop high-frequency circuit systems is also strengthened.


    Specialized technologies and know-how accumulated over the span of many years

    Millimeter waves and terahertz bands call for precision in components that goes beyond the limits of machining precision. The specialized technologies and know-how that Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has amassed over the span of many years enables use to build in high performance and precision at the design stage focused on manufacturing processes.


    Development of applications and provision of solutions in collaboration with outside entities and co-creation with customers

    As well as independent development of products using its specialized technologies, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can also work with customers, affiliated companies, and research institutes in an assisting capacity on joint development and provide customers with solutions to their technological problems.