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Our low-loss low-reflection high-frequency connectors as well our wide range of other high-frequency components and high-frequency circuit systems are used in 5G-related applications including communication devices, measuring instruments, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, artificial satellites, radars, medical equipment, and ITS devices.

Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures coaxial high-frequency components capable of handling to high frequencies up to 145GHz including coaxial connectors, cables and adapters, antennas, phase shifters, attenuators, and terminators and coaxial and other waveguides.
In addition, as well as offering a wide lineup range of RF modules including amplifiers, filters and up and down converters furnished with coaxial interfaces which we can combine to build all kinds of circuits for the purpose of evaluation and testing by customers, we also design and manufacture high-frequency circuit systems integrating these components.
Through our high-frequency products featuring outstanding high-frequency characteristics created by interweaving our refined advanced design technologies, ultraprecision processing technologies and superb assembly processing technologies, we realize differentiation from other companies, especially in the field of millimeter wave bands (30GHz or more).
In the field of artificial satellite-mounted coaxial connectors, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has acquired JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) certification and is proud of its high quality and reliability.
Looking ahead to “Beyond 5G/6G,” we will forge ahead with development of high-precision high-frequency transmission channels of even higher quality as we continually strive to tackle challenges in developing advanced technologies ahead of the times.