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Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. supports the growth of the next-generation society through the development and manufacture of all kinds of interface connectors and cables for high-speed transmission of image and video signals.

We develop and manufacture a wide range of high-speed transmission equipment including interface connectors and cables, connection parts, components, and assemblies for high-speed transmission of image signals and other applications including machine vision cameras, image inspection devices, surveillance cameras, video-conferencing systems and remote cameras.
To ensure outstanding transmission characteristics and high quality that represent the very heart of image processing, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also engages in product development and custom design of original mechanisms using its mechanical design technologies and material processing know-how.
With increasing use of images and videos anticipated in the future with the growth of high-speed communication and AI technologies, Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will contribute to the realization of an advanced affluent society by supporting high-speed transmission of high-definition images in diverse fields such as remote operation, remote medical treatment, drone cameras, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).